Over 5.2 cr registered voters in Rajasthan’s election rolls


On Tuesday, the Election Department released the consolidated photo-electoral rolls of Rajasthan’s 200 Assembly constituencies. This list is available on the department’s website ceorajasthan.nic.in. Chief Election Officer Praveen Gupta informed, “A total of 5,29,31,152 voters are registered in the state for the Legislative Assembly General Elections 2023. Of these, 2,74,74,849 are male voters, and 2,53,13,458 are female voters. He mentioned that 22,71,647 new voters aged 18-19 will exercise their voting rights for the first time in this election. There are 624 third-gender voters registered.” The Chief Election Officer stated that a total of 11,72,260 voters over 80 years of age and 16,849 voters over 100 years of age are registered in the consolidated photo-electoral list. Similarly, a total of 5,60,425 disabled voters are registered. Among them, voters who opt for home voting can cast their votes through postal ballots from November 15 to November 19. Special polling teams will visit the homes of such voters during this period and conduct voting with complete confidentiality through postal ballots. For voters connected to essential services, the voting dates have been determined from November 19 to November 21.
He informed that for the Assembly elections, a total of 52,139 polling stations will be set up in the state, including 383 auxiliary polling stations. He mentioned that the process of sealing the EVM after attaching the ballot paper will be carried out from November 15 to November 20, and during this period, representatives of all political parties will be present.