Orange and yellow alert issued in Haryana for rain

The Meteorological Department has issued an Orange and yellow alert for rain in 21 cities in Haryana. Out of these, warning has been issued in 14 cities including Indri, Radaur, Kaithal, Nilokheri, Thanesar, Guhla, Pehowa, Shahabad, Ambala, Barada, Jagadhri, Chhachhrauli, Narayangarh and Panchkula.
While there are chances of light to moderate rain in Gharaunda, Karnal, Assandh, Narwana, Thanesar, Guhla and Kalka.There will be rain with thunder and lightning, and winds will also blow at a speed of 30 to 40 kilometers per hour.
The Meteorological Department has issued an alert regarding rain in all the districts of Haryana tomorrow i.e. on 16th September.
However, Monsoon is still dry in Haryana in September comparatively to previous years. There has been 43% less rainfall than normal in a week. The state has recorded 13.5 mm rainfall in seven days, compared to an average of 23.6 mm rainfall. Talking about the monsoon season, the state received 392.3 mm rainfall from June 1 to September 14, which is 3% less than the average rainfall of 405.6 mm in the state.

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