Operation Ajay: Flight carrying 212 Indians from Israel arrives in Delhi

Operation Ajay: A flight from Israel carrying 212 Indians arrives in Delhi


A flight transporting the first group of Indians, who were stuck in Israel amid the ongoing war, landed in New Delhi under ‘Operation Ajay’ on Friday morning.
At least 212 Indian nationals from Israel have landed at Delhi International Airport. Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar greeted them at the airport.
Chandrasekhar greeted the returning Indians with folded hands. He then engaged the students in conversation.
The union minister comforted the passengers, adding that India is firm in its commitment to the safety of every Indian. Prime Minister Modi stated that he is dedicated to defend them.

“Our government will never leave any Indian behind. Our government, our Prime Minister is determined to protect them and bring them back home safely. We are grateful to EAM Dr S Jaishankar, the team at the External Affairs Ministry, the flight crew of this Air India flight for making this possible, for bringing our children back home safely and soundly and back home to their loved ones,” Chandrasekhar said.
An Indian national who returned from Israel told ANI, “This is the first time that we are facing this situation over there. We are very thankful to the Indian government, especially Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing us back. We are hoping for peace as soon as possible so that we can go back to work as earliest as possible…”
The first batch of Indian passengers boarded the flight from Tel Aviv to India under Operation Ajay on Thursday.

On the occasion, Indian Ambassador to Israel Sanjeev Singla stated that the Indian Embassy in Israel is striving to secure the safety of Indian nationals in war-torn Israel, and that the embassy will assist Indians who desire to return to India through “Operation Ajay.”