Online Gambling in India – Appearance of Lucky Jet


When it comes to playing casino games in India, it is safe to say that many Indian players are in love with gambling. This is justified, as gambling has a lot of advantages, such as becoming more intelligent, winning money, getting new friends etc. But, even though the range of online casino games is pretty big, players are getting bored relatively quickly. For that reason, Indian online casinos are bringing innovations in the form of new games, such as Lucky Jet, which we would like to tell you about today or at

What is Lucky Jet?

Lucky Jet is a great new game that is suitable for both new and experienced players alike. The game is fast-paced, which means that the rounds don’t take longer than 1.5 minutes. The concept of the game is really easy. Once you open the game, you will be presented with a field where the jet is located. When players see it for the first time, they get confused, but all you will need to do in order to win is to withdraw the winnings before the jet crashes. For example, if your bet is INR 500 and you want the odds to get to 5, this means that if the jet reaches the odds of 5 and you withdraw your bet – you will win, but if the jet will crash before it gets to the odds of 5 – you will automatically lose. As simple as the game sounds, sometimes it can be pretty tricky, as the jet can crash at the odds of 1.1, but can also crash at the odds of 25.

How to Play a Lucky Jet Game?

Now that you know about the rules of playing the Lucky Jet game in India, we would like to tell you about the process of playing the game at Indian online casinos. It is extremely easy, as all you will need to do is:

  1. Go to the online casino. First of all, open the website of the online casino or use the mobile app for Android and iOS devices;
  2. Log into your account. Press the Log in button and enter the username and password you chose when registering. You can also create a new account, and for doing so, you will be rewarded with a Welcome Bonus;
  3. Start playing the game. All that’s left is to deposit some money to your account, open the Lucky Jet game and start playing by entering the bet amount and confirming it.

Tips and Tricks for playing Lucky Jet

You can use the following tips and tricks to win more money from playing Lucky Jet:

  • Use bonuses and promotions. There are bonuses at Indian online casinos that are created specifically for playing Lucky Jet in India, therefore, you should definitely use them, as they will give you free plays or bonus money;
  • Control your bankroll. You should be in control of your bankroll in order to not spend all the money you have. Make sure to place bets with reasonable amounts only;
  • Use the Martingale strategy. This strategy implies that if your first bet loses, the second bet should have double the amount of the first bet, and if the first bet wins, then the second bet should have half the amount of the first bet. This will let you increase your profit significantly.