Onion prices surge to 80/90 per kg ahead of festive season


In recent times, the soaring prices of onions have become a source of great concern for the residents of the National Capital Region (NCR). In the past, onions were readily available in local markets at a relatively affordable price ranging from Rs 20 to Rs 30 per kg.
The sharp increase in onion prices in Delhi-NCR can be attributed to a combination of factors, which include a shortage in production and increased demand during the festive season. Therefore, onion prices have spiked to 80–90 rupees per kilogram ahead of the festive season.
A senior government official disclosed that delayed kharif onion sowing, influenced by adverse weather conditions, has led to reduced cultivation and late crop arrivals. Therefore, the primary reason for the significant price hike in both wholesale and retail markets seems to be the delay in kharif onion cultivation.
The price of onions is likely to remain high for at least two months, extending till December as the kharif onion supply arrives in wholesale markets. Nevertheless, the pricing in the future will also depend on the government’s initiatives to provide onions at discounted prices, particularly in areas with significant consumption.
This substantial increase in onion prices has had a significant impact on people’s daily lives and budgets. People are now finding it increasingly challenging to afford onions, a staple ingredient in many Indian dishes. This price surge has forced individuals to adapt their purchasing habits.
In the past, it was common for them to buy two kilograms of onions at once. However, due to the excessive prices, they are now compelled to purchase smaller quantities, which is not only affecting their meals but also their overall household budgets.