‘One world, One religion, One us’


A plethora of captivating performances by renowned artists were held at New Delhi’s Lotus Temple as a part of #BecauseSheCanUnite ‘One world, One religion, One us,’, to promote values of unity, compassion, and a shared sense of purpose among attendees.
Combining together, Ficci Ladies Organisation’s president, Sudha Shivkumar and Young Ficci Ladies Organisation Delhi’s chairperson, Divya Jain, presented the program which commenced with a thought-provoking performance titled ‘HUMA,’ directed by the renowned artists and filmmaker Mazzaffar Ali, and performed by Shinjini Kulkarni. The event embarked on a captivating journey, upholding aspirations for a united community, bereft of the differences and boundaries of religion, culture, and background. The purpose of the event reflected the message behind the theme ‘Because She Can Unite,’ which evokes a sense of empowerment and liberation. The event was designed to resonate with its audiences, invoking a vision to build a better future for all.
The chairperson of YFLO Delhi termed the event the start of a transformative journey and further stated that envisioning an inclusive future is paramount in building towards a better tomorrow. She emphasized the role of women as resilient forces bringing positive change across the globe.