Omar Abdullah condemns bail to army captain sparks controversy


National Conference leader Omar Abdullah voiced strong criticism on Monday over the granting of bail to Army Captain Bhoopendra Singh, convicted in the 2020 Amshipora fake encounter case. The general court-martial found Singh guilty of killing three men in a staged encounter in south Kashmir’s Amshipora village in July 2020.
Abdullah, addressing reporters in Kulgam, appealed to the Centre not to undermine the value of Kashmiri lives. He expressed concern that the bail for an army officer convicted of murder sends the wrong message, especially when individuals arrested on minor charges often languish without bail for extended periods.
“The situation was not this bad during our tenure. Today, they say they have ample funds. Why don’t they make arrangements for electricity then? Why are people facing up to 12 hours of power cuts?” Abdullah questioned, expressing further concerns over the unprecedented power cuts in Kashmir.
On the delay in holding elections in Jammu and Kashmir, Abdullah expressed hope that the Supreme Court’s decision on Article 370 petitions would also address the electoral process. He referred to previous statements by the Chief Justice, indicating a linkage between the two issues. Abdullah underscored the need for transparency and swift action, urging the government to prioritize addressing the electricity supply crisis in the region.