NSUI wins president’s post in Panjab University students body polls


NSUI, the student organization of the Congress in Panjab University, Chandigarh surprised everyone by making a comeback after 6 years. This came as a surprise because last year the CYSS, the student wing of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), had won. Within a year the students rejected him.
Secondly, Jatin Kumar, who came 6 days earlier from ABVP, won the election. How did Congress suddenly win here is the question in everyone’s mind? Four big reasons have come to light regarding this.
1. Bahri’s masterstroke on factionalism in candidature
NSUI National President Kanhaiya Kumar came to Chandigarh. On reaching here, it came to light that many factions were formed in the organization. Every group wants its own candidate for the post of chief. In such a situation, if the candidature is given to any one group, the rest will be angry. Will not support and chances of defeat will increase. That’s why to neutralize the factionalism, Jatin Kumar from ABVP was made to join NSUI. Then made him a candidate. In such a situation, every group supported him.
When Kanhaiya Kumar came to know about factionalism, he bluntly warned the leaders of these groups. Kanhaiya had clearly said that if NSUI candidates lose due to factionalism then the action will not be limited to suspension. Rather, this time such leaders will be directly thrown out of the organization. The effect of this was that everyone united and supported the candidate.
NSUI’s presidential candidate may have been Jitendra Kumar, but the focus was on girls. For this, the issue of menstrual leave for girls was raised at Kerala University. Other organizations failed in this, but Congress got the support of the girl students on this issue. Through this issue, the Congress strengthened its mass base among the girl students.
In the Panjab University elections, no girl was made a candidate by any big organization for the post of Principal. Manika Chhabra was the only candidate from PSU Lalkar, but student organizations of big parties did not express confidence in the students. NSUI also benefited from this. His issues were related to girls.
NSUI had already targeted CYSS as part of its strategy. He presented this entire election as a student leader versus a politician. In this, he got the support of all the student organizations of Panjab University. Only the leaders of Aam Aadmi Party were coming for the election campaign. When they banned their arrival, CYSS was weakened. NSUI got the benefit of this.