No govt jobs, no passport clearance for ‘anti-national’ elements in J&K: Report


The Jammu and Kashmir administration has decided to take action against those suspected of ‘anti-India’ activities by stripping away certain privileges and rights such as passport clearance, appointment to government jobs,sources said.

They said that the administration has plans to prohibit passport and visa clearance to people who have a past track record of indulging in ‘anti-India’ activities. This comes after the revelation about the new modus operandi to indoctrinate and train Kashmiri youth in militancy by getting them through proper visa channels, rather than having them by asking them to cross the border illegally.

An Army spokesperson told a media channel that at least 40 youths travelled on visas to Pakistan for studying purposes after being given proper certificates for visa, but they were sent back here as terrorists. He said that out of the 40 youths who had taken visas and travelled through the Wagah border route in Punjab to Pakistan, 27 came back with weapons and have been killed in encounters.

Earlier, an amendment by the Union Territory administration in the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Verification of Character and Antecedents) Instructions, 1997 mandated that in order to land a government job, all applicants must clear background checks. For this, the CID will take into account all digital evidence and police records.

After the amendment, it is also now mandatory to disclose whether any family member or close relative is associated with any political party or organisation, or has participated in any political activity, or has had links with a foreign mission or organisation, or any prescribed/ prohibited/ banned organisation such as the Jamaat-e-Islami, Indian Express reported. WITH AGENCY INPUTS