No-confidence motion updates: PM Modi addresses Lok Sabha

PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is responding to the Opposition’s no-confidence vote against the NDA administration in the Lok Sabha. Here’s some key points that PM Modi discussed during his speech earlier:

  1. “I am here to thank the people who have expressed faith in our government. God is kind. I thank God that it suggested opposition to bring no-confidence motion”, Prime Minister Modi said. (5:11 p.m.)
  2. “I had said in 2018 that the no-confidence motion is not our floor test, but that of the opposition. When elections were held a year later, opposition could not muster votes that it had. Even the people expressed their no-confidence for opposition”, Modi said. (5:12 p.m.)
  3. “Today data is known as second oil. A serious discussion was needed. But politics was priority for you. Several bills were related ton poor, backwards, Dalits. But opposition had no interest in it. The opposition betrayed the people”, the prime minister said. (5:17 p.m.)
  4. “The country is listening to you very carefully. You have always left the country disappointed”, says PM Modi. (5:20 p.m.)
  5. “What kind of discussion have you done on this motion. I am seeing on social media ki ‘Aapke darbari bhi bahut dukhi hai’. Fielding Vipaksh ne organise kari lekin chauke-chakke yahi se lage’…”, questions PM. (5:28 p.m.)
  6. ‘WHO said Swachch Bharat Mission saved lives of three lakh people. UNICEF said poor are saving 50,000 every year because of this mission. But Congress and other opposition parties don’t believe it. What the world sees, these people refuse to acknowledge it”, says PM. (5:35 p.m.)

  7. “For the past three days, the opposition leaders abused me. They are now feeling relieved after abusing me. For them, the best slogan is ‘Modi, teri kabr khudegi”, PM heard saying in Lok Sabha. (5:37 p.m.)
  8. ‘Opposition spoke lies about LIC. Today, LIC is growing stronger. Those interested in stocks know they should invest in government companies’ shares”, PM Modi said in Lok Sabha. (5:45 p.m.)