Nipah virus Updates: Places of worship to remain close in Kozhikode’s containment zones

Kerala increased its efforts to stop the spread of the deadly Nipah virus on Friday by announcing new restrictions. In the State’s Kozhikode district, where officials have established containment zones in 9 panchayats, two afflicted people have passed away since August 30. New guidelines prohibiting gatherings or public activities of any type, including those at houses of worship, in all containment zones have been announced for the Kozhikode district.
The regulations state that stores selling necessities and medical stores in these zones may be open from 7 am to 5 pm. Additionally, all places of worship in the region will be closed.
The State Health Department announced on Friday that one more victim, a 39-year-old man, had been diagnosed with the Nipah virus after tests on samples of his showed a positive result. With this, there are now a total of four active Nipah cases in the State.
According to Zubair P, secretary of the Kuttiady Juma Masjid Mahallu Committee, the mosque has been shut even for Friday prayers in accordance with the directives.
“In the wake of the outbreak of Nipah virus in our area…The district collector and police authorities have directed us to not gather people in the masjid. Complying with the orders we have decided to close the masjid until further orders. Friday prayers will not be held at the masjid today…We will co-operate with the government authorities to control this disease…” Zubair P said. On August 30 and September 11, the Nipah virus claimed the lives of two people in Kozhikode.
The Nipah virus is a zoonotic disease that can infect humans when it comes into contact with animals (such pigs or bats) or tainted food. It can also be carried directly from person to person. On the contact list, samples from 15 high-risk individuals have been sent for testing. There are 950 people on the contact list, 213 of them fall within the high-risk group. The contact list also includes 287 healthcare professionals. According to the state health department, 17 persons are being watched after at the Kozhikode medical college while four high-risk patients are being cared for in a private hospital.

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