NewsX A-List:’s Dr. Amushree Jha Discusses Spiritual Gift Manufacturing and Aims For Global Expansion


In an exclusive interview with NewsX A-List, Dr. Amushree Jha, the owner of, shares her entrepreneurial journey, highlights Divinity’s unique manufacturing prowess, and discusses her vision for global expansion.
In an illuminating conversation with NewsX A-List, Dr. Amushree Jha, the driving force behind, reveals the secrets to her entrepreneurial success. As the owner of India’s most esteemed brand in spiritual, corporate, and personal gifting for the past three decades, Dr. Amushree Jha’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Dr. Amushree Jha, is also engaged with a large network of investors, including private equity funds, VCs, early stage funds, HNIs and large scale family business houses in India and overseas as well, raising growth about capital via institutional investors and facilitating M&A transactions for large corporations and family businesses.
Unveiling Divinity: A Spiritual Powerhouse
Dr. Amushree introduces, a venerable establishment that has been synonymous with spirituality since its inception in 1956. Initially focused on B2B business and catering to divine spaces, including government entities, Divinity has recently made forays into the retail and B2C customer segments. The goal? To make Divinity a cherished name in households across India and beyond.
Divinity’s crown jewel is its manufacturing excellence. Dr. Amushree proudly reveals that every Divinity product is 100% made in India, incorporating cutting-edge Swiss technology. This unique blend of Indian craftsmanship and Swiss precision is the hallmark of Divinity’s quality, setting it apart in a market rife with counterfeit products. “The brand value that Divinity enjoys today,” she asserts, “is a testament to our unparalleled manufacturing strength.”
Empowering Women in Business
As a female entrepreneur in India, Dr. Amushree acknowledges the challenges of juggling professional and personal responsibilities. She credits the changing landscape, with more women entrepreneurs entering the fray and gaining government support, as a positive step forward. Her unwavering determination, she believes, can conquer any obstacle.
When reflecting on her professional journey, Dr. Amushree identifies a defining milestone: making Divinity a household name. The sheer delight in customers specifically requesting Divinity products is a testament to the trust and respect they’ve earned. She emphasizes that success is an ongoing process, requiring continuous effort to meet customer expectations and counter the proliferation of counterfeit products.
Navigating Challenges and Sustaining Success
In today’s dynamic business environment, Dr. Amushree believes that success is akin to development—an ever-evolving journey. It involves maintaining customer satisfaction and addressing the challenges posed by counterfeit products. By staying true to their commitment to quality, Divinity remains resilient in the face of these challenges.
Dr. Amushree’s dreams for Divinity are global in scope. While the company already exports to numerous countries, her vision is to establish Divinity as a prominent Indian brand with a global footprint. She envisions Divinity as a symbol of Indian excellence—a company made by Indians and thriving on the global stage.
Dr. Amushree Jha’s entrepreneurial journey epitomizes determination, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to quality. Her vision for Divinity transcends borders, promising to bring spiritual solace to households worldwide. As Divinity continues to expand its reach, it remains a shining example of Indian entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.