New normal:Youth turning to ethical fashion in a big way


The idea of fashion has come a long way from forcing oneself into uncomfortable clothing in order to ace a trend to wiser clothing selection and finding comfort in one’s own sense of style. In fact, with increased awareness around environment preservation, social responsibility, and worker protection, individuals, particularly the younger population, have become more conscious of their fashion choices. And as a result, they are increasingly turning to ethical and sustainable fashion today. According to a McKinsey study, 57% of consumers have altered their lifestyles significantly to reduce their environmental effects, and more than 60% say they go above and beyond to recycle and buy products in environmentally friendly packaging.  In addition, modern-day consumers are more interested in knowing your brand story in regards to fashion practices being followed, moral standards, code of conduct, environmental impact, and, most crucially, employee treatment and protection policies before investing. According to the International Labour Organisation, the garment sector in developing nations has been the target of several accusations of labour abuse, including excessive hours, forced overtime, and low salaries. As a result, a growing number of customers are being convinced to invest in companies that use ethical fashion practices.

Key reasons youth is investing in ethical fashion 

Reduced harm: Generation Z, who grew up in the digital age, is regarded to be more conscious of their actions, socially aware, and environmentally sensitive. As a result, they are consequently turning to brands that support ethical fashion by safeguarding the interests of their employees and offering them secure working conditions. Moreover, ethical fashion is also environment-friendly, as it is produced out of substances that are safe for employees to use and have no negative effects on the environment, which again makes a reason for the young population primarily choosing it. Environment-friendly fibers:  Gone are the days when people were largely invested in blindly following fashion, even if it was at the cost of the environment. Nowadays, with Gen Z dominating the era of fashion, the demand for ethical and sustainable fashion has increased. Clothing fibers, including organic and recycled cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel, and ecovero viscose from lenzing, are in high demand since they are produced out of wise use of resources that are safe for people and the planet. Because youngsters are more concerned about the environment than older generations, they favour fibers that are safe and eco-friendly.

Durable yet fashionable:  

Given that ethical clothing is manufactured out of environment-friendly and natural fabrics, it becomes more durable. Moreover, in addition to being enduring, ethical clothing enables you to create high-quality, timeless pieces that reflect your personal style and establish your own unique trend. Additionally, choosing ethical clothing gives you the satisfaction of knowing that you are supporting the environment, which helps explain why a growing number of young people are embracing ethical fashion. 

Ethical fashion: 

The new-age fashion There is no getting around the fact that the fashion industry has undergone a drastic change, with people majorly choosing ethical and sustainable clothing today. Especially with Gen Z ruling the world of fashion, the need for eco-friendly and convenient fashion is being greatly emphasized. As a result, the new-age fashion trends underline how to curate a unique look by promoting ethical fashion. Moreover, as we advance, ethical and sustainable fashion is going to become the need of the hour, given the state of our environment today, with a growing number of individuals adopting and advocating the same. 

Sandesh Ambhore is the CEO and Founding Director of Styleyn.