New Jio-bp diesel to deliver Rs 1.1 lakh savings per truck annually

On Tuesday, Jio-bp announced the launch of its diesal with ACTIVE technology, which will enable higher fuel economy, as per company reports.

According to a statement from Jio-bp, truckers will experience annual savings of up to Rs 1.1 lakh per vehicle, the new high-performance diesal offering will be available at all Jio-bp outlets. This advanced diesel variant boasts a 4.3% increase in fuel economy. Remarkably, Jio-bp is offering this high-performance diesel at regular prices without any additional cost, making it a first-of-its-kind offering in the Indian market.

Jio-bp stated that the diesel available at their outlets, featuring ACTIVE technology, assists in minimizing the chances of unscheduled maintenance due to dirt accumulation. Furthermore, it effectively eliminates existing dirt from vital engine components while safeguarding against its future build-up through continuous usage. The statement also highlighted that this technology is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of commercial vehicles and offers numerous advantages to drivers and fleet owners over time.

According to the statement, the fuel helps restore and maintain the power of the engine with ongoing use while also reducing the risk of unscheduled vehicle maintenance.

Harish C Mehta, CEO, Jio-bp, said, “While every single customer is important, truckers have always held a special place for Jio-bp. Accounting for over half of truckers’ operating costs, we understand the critical impact of fuel on their overall business performance.”

Mehta added, “To ease their concerns around fuel performance and engine maintenance, Jio-bp has worked over multiple years with the best technologists to develop customised additives from scratch. This additive-laced high-performance diesel is designed specifically for Indian vehicles, on Indian roads, and in Indian driving conditions.”

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