‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’ free from terror supporters

A massive crackdown on terror supporters in Jammu and Kashmir following the abrogation of Article 370 has severely weakened separatists and Pakistan-sponsored terrorists. ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’ is now free from terrorists and their sympathizers, fostering peace and progress.

Terrorist supporters have been held accountable, with seized properties and dismissals of anti-national government employees. Since 5 August, 2019, security agencies launched “Operation All Out” to dismantle the terror ecosystem.

Successful measures include identifying and neutralizing over-ground workers and banning separatist organizations while blocking their funding channels. Law enforcement actions have brought relief to the common people and silenced those who used to threaten residents.

Tourists flocking to J&K demonstrate the establishment of the rule of law and the decline of Pakistan-sponsored terrorism. The State Investigation Agency (SIA) has seized numerous properties belonging to Jamaat-e-Islami, hitting terror funding and restoring a society without fear.

Investigations also revealed a pattern of terror funding through the sale of terrorists’ ancestral properties in J-K, which were used to fund various terror outfits. The closure of separatist organization offices and the end of radicalization in schools have further contributed to peace.

Stringent laws and actions against OGWs have weakened the terrorists’ capability, resulting in a significant decline in active terrorists and zero local recruitment.

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