Naseeruddin Shah speaks out against the negative effects of popular films

Naseeruddin Shah is an Indian film and theatre actor who expressed concern about the popularity of certain films in India. He stated that films like Gadar 2 and The Kashmir Files made by Sudhir Mishra and Hansal Mehta, which he believes are divisive and harmful, should not be encouraged because they promote polarization and communal hatred among people. Shah believes that despite freedom of expression, filmmakers should be responsible and not use their art to promote propaganda and foment hatred among different communities. He also stated that these types of films harm India›s diversity and multiculturalism, which are the country›s strengths.
In a recent statement, renowned actor Naseeruddin Shah expressed his concern about the popularity of films like «Gadar 2» and «The Kashmir Files», He stated that their massive popularity is both disturbing and harmful. It is important to note that without additional context or clarification from Shah, it is difficult to fully understand his perspective or the specific reasons behind his concerns. However, it can be inferred that Shah believes these films may have negative implications or consequences for society. He is known for his outspoken nature and has often shared his opinions on various social and political issues. As an industry veteran, his comments on the popularity of certain films may reflect his views on the impact of media and storytelling on society.
Asked about how the objective of filmmaking has changed in Bollywood over the years, Naseeruddin said, it’s not enough to love your country; you have to beat drums about it, and you have to create imaginary enemies. What these people don’t realize is that what they are doing is very harmful.

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