‘Narendra Modi the most liberal and secular PM in history of Independent India’ says NID chief

PM Modi

Satnam Singh Sandhu, the head of NID Foundation, praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for being ‘the most progressive and secular PM in the history of independent India’ during the Vishwa Sadbhawana event held on Sunday at Bunjil Palace in Melbourne, Australia.

Sandhu also presented the book ‘heartfelt legacy to the faith’ which is on the contributions and works done by PM Modi for the Sikh community. “Under the leadership of PM Modi, India in the last nine years has rapidly advanced on its path to be a developed nation and has become the world’s fifth largest economy. Like many other countries, all the communities in India enjoy full freedom and are given all opportunities without any discrimination of caste, creed, or religion and feel safe under the leadership of PM Modi,” he said.
Sandhu, founder of the NID foundation while addressing the conference said that people belonging to different communities and religions have lived in India for centuries and we all believe in communal harmony.
While lauding the Modi government, he said that there is a clear difference between the developmental work that was carried out in the last 9 years in the country and the work done during the 65 years before that.