Narcotics Department nabs compounder in drug supply probe


A team from the Narcotics Department in Delhi and Jaipur arrested a compounder in a late-night operation. The compounder was suspected of supplying fake and narcotics drugs. He was assigned to night duty at a government hospital in Thawala town when the authorities detained him.
The suspect, Chenaram Godara, son of Bhikaram Godara and a resident of Dodiayana, was waiting at the local bus stand with his wife at around 8 pm on Monday when the law enforcement team arrived in Delhi and Jaipur Narcotics Department uniforms and apprehended Chenaram, seizing ketamine and a Bolero vehicle from his possession. It is suspected that he is associated with a group that supplies counterfeit and narcotic drugs.
According to residents present at the scene, Chenaram Godara was waiting for someone at the local bus stand in his Bolero with his wife when personnel from the local police station, dressed in Delhi and Jaipur Narcotics Department uniforms and armed with weapons, approached him and apprehended him, conducting a search that resulted in the discovery of ketamine and the Bolero vehicle.
Chenaram Godara, a suspect in the case, was taken to the Thawala police station after initial questioning, and further investigation is underway. According to sources, two accomplices of the suspect are currently in the custody of the Delhi Police, facing charges of supplying counterfeit drugs and narcotics.
Thawala police station officer Vinod Kumar Meena confirmed that the operation conducted by the Narcotics Department was kept confidential. The suspect was considered suspicious by the team, which led to his apprehension. The suspect was a compounder at the local government hospital and was often seen on night duty, which aroused suspicion due to his irregular duty hours and frequent presence at the bus stand.