Murli Dhar Soni appointed as Riya Badi Tehsil Chief


RIYA BADI: Madan Gopal Tiwari, the National President of the International Journalist Association, has expanded the organization by appointing Murli Dhar Soni as the Tehsil Chief of Riya Badi in Nagaur district. This appointment comes on the recommendation of Ramesh Jajda, the District Chief of Nagaur, Ashok Sharma, the Regional Chief of Ajmer, Rajesh Kachhawa, the State Chief, and Krishna Murari Sharaf, the National Public Relations Minister. Mr Soni has been authorized to recruit members of the association throughout the entire Riya Badi Tehsil and establish an executive committee. His term will extend until December 31, 2025. It is hoped that under his leadership, the progress of association members in Riya Badi Tehsil will thrive, and solutions to their problems will be found.