Murdered over a plate of momos


A 40-year old man, identified as Jitender Mahto, was brutally murdered by an 18-year old boy, who lived in the same neighbourhood of Mohan Garden in west Delh, over a quarell started over a plate of momos. The victim fell on the spot after the accused stabbed him with a knife in his neck.

Jintender’s friend, Virender Kumar Mahto, who was the eyewitness to the incident, filed a First Information Report (FIR).

Jitender Mahto was originally from Sitamarhi in Bihar but was living in a rented house in Sainik Enclave, near Mohan Garden in Ranhola, with his wife, three children, and brother. His ailing parents live in their native village.

The two earlier sold clothes on footpaths in the market but shut down the business around two months ago. Jitender used to work as a local building contractor. Virender said that Jitender called him on Saturday evening and asked him to meet him at the market. According to investigators, Jitender’s murder took place around 9 p.m. at a crowded market in the Tiranga Chowk area of Mohan Garden.

An investigator said, citing Virender’s statement, “As we had not met for the past several days, I went to meet Jitender. We were talking at a pan-tobacco kiosk. Nakul Kumar, whom we knew as he lived in the nearby area, was eating momos at an adjacent shop. As we started leaving, Jitender’s shoulder touched Nakul’s hand due to which his plate of momos fell on the road. Nakul, who appeared drunk and was carrying a bottle of beer in his hand, started abusing Jitender. An altercation broke out between them, and it soon turned into a fight. During the fight, Nakul took out a knife from his pocket and stabbed Jitender in the neck. Jitender started bleeding, and as some onlookers and I tried to help him, Nakul fled.”

Jitender couldn’t make it to the hospital, and doctors declared him dead. According to the investigators, the murder took place at 9 p.m.

According to police officers, Nakul’s family members found him near a petrol pump in Ranhola and noticed blood on his clothes and a blood stained knife in his hand. After learning that he had stabbed a man, Nakul’s brother informed the police and took him to the Ranhola police station, where a case of murder was registered against him and he was placed under arrest.