Mumbai: Man arrested for molesting woman on flight


A passenger of a Mumbai-bound flight was apprehended by the Mumbai police for allegedly molesting a fellow woman passenger, officials said on Friday.
According to Mumbai Police, the accused identified as Rohit Srivastava was seated next to the woman passenger (complainant) on a Delhi to Mumbai flight when he assaulted her. The Officials added that after the assault, the woman passenger made a complaint to the airline staff and also informed the local police station about the incident after the flight landed.
“The accused touched the woman inappropriately on the flight itself, after which the woman complained about it to the airline staff. Shortly after the flight landed in Mumbai, the woman passenger informed the local police station about it,” stated Mumbai Police.
Subsequently, the Mumbai Police arrested the accused after registering a case on the basis of the woman’s complaint.
“We arrested the accused in a molestation case, based on the complaint of a woman passenger. A case has also been registered against the accused under sections 354 and 354 (A) of the IPC.” said the police.
After arrest, the accused was presented in the court, where the court sent the accused to judicial custody.
Following that, the accused’s lawyer filed a petition for bail to the court. The motion was immediately considered by the court, and the accused was granted a release on bail, added Mumbai Police.