MP’s ‘Dashrath Manjhi’ digs a well on mountain for wife


Seeing his wife face trouble everyday to get water, this man dug a well on the mountain. Watching her go through the problem of travelling 2 km to fetch water, the husband, resident of Madhya Pradesh’s Sidhi district, dug a 60 feet deep well on the mountain. The 40-year-old man dug a well by digging a mountain in village Barbandha, home to 3000 people. Hari Singh has said that a little bit of water has emerged, but till the time the water is not available for proper use, the digging of this well will continue. The well is 20 feet wide and 60 feet deep. It’s sad that Barbandha village people are deprived of basic facilities like water.

Singh informed that the work of digging the well has been going on for the last three years. Now a little bit of water has emerged. The excavation work is still going on as they require more water for their daily usage. He is being accompanied by his wife Siyavati and two sons and a daughter who helped Singh in this tough task. Little by little, he overcame his wife’s problem. Singh said that in the beginning, the task seemed very difficult, as the whole stone had to be dug. The layer of soil was not a single one. In such a situation, he faced many difficulties, but instead of accepting defeat, he went ahead with the belief that no task is impossible in this world. He said that he will only breathe after digging the well.

Singh told that he has a lease of 50 decimils of land. Despite this, the panchayat workers tried to mislead him.He went to them several times to ask for help, but did not get help. Ultimately he himself made this impossible task of digging a well possible. On the other hand,the sarpanch representative of the Gram Panchayat Barbandha Mohammad Islam Ansari said that they tried if this well mining work could be sanctioned by the local bodies, but the lease document he had with him is in the name of his uncle and that too was lost. Due to this, the well couldn’t be dug by the concerned authorities.

A film has been made on Dashrath Manjhi called ‘Manjhi – The Mountain Man’. He was a laborer in Gehlaur village, near Gaya in Bihar. When his wife died in 1959 due to injury caused by falling from a mountain, he decided to carve a path of 110 m long, 9.1 m wide and 7.7 m deep through a ridge of mountains using only a hammer and a chisel. Singh is no less than Manjhi, so people have started calling him Dashrath Manjhi of Sidhi. Singh works as a laborer and runs the house. In the rest of his free time, he digs the well.