More hour-long traffic interruptions on Mumbai-Pune Expressway


The Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation (MSRDC) is gearing up for another series of hour-long traffic interruptions on the bustling Mumbai-Pune Expressway this month, starting today. This move is expected to impact the flow of vehicular traffic in the region.
In a press release, MSRDC explained that these traffic interruptions have become necessary due to the ongoing installation of gantries at various points along the 95-km-long expressway as part of the Highway Management System.
These traffic interruptions will be in effect daily from 12 noon to 1 pm, scheduled for October 17 to 19 and October 26. They will be implemented at various locations along the expressway, as stated in the release. Key locations affected by these blocks include Lonavala, Khandala Tunnel, Dasturi Police post, Dheku village, and Khandala Exit. The release clarifies that the blocks will impact both Pune and Mumbai-bound lanes on specified days.
For the Pune-bound corridor, the block will primarily affect Khandala Tunnel and Lonavala, while on subsequent days, the blocks will mainly disrupt the Mumbai-bound corridors, according to the release.
Earlier this month, the state-run corporation imposed one or two-hour traffic interruptions for similar reasons. The release further notes that traffic on both the Pune and Mumbai-bound lanes will be allowed to resume at 1 pm once each roadblock is concluded.
The Mumbai-Pune Expressway holds the distinction of being India’s first access-controlled highway. This 6-lane expressway was fully operationalized in 2002, with toll collection points at five plazas, with Khalapur and Talegaon serving as primary