Modi government introduces new Women’s Reservation bill in Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla stated that the public has great expectations of us as we move to the new Parliament and before today’s activities in the new edifice.
In a function in the Central hall of the old Parliament to ‘commemorate the rich legacy of the Parliament of India and resolve to make Bharat a developed Nation by 2047’, Om Birla said “Today, we are moving to the new Sansad Bhawan (Parliament House) with new aspirations. Today, people have high expectations from us and it increases our responsibility to live up to those expectations and aspirations. We are fortunate that we are the representatives of times when India is moving forward in every sector. India is playing a significant role in global challenges.”
Lok Sabha speaker further said that our entry into the New Parliament is an opportunity to repeat our tradition of making a developed India.
“This time of entering the new Parliament is also an opportunity to repeat our tradition of making a developed India. It is our resolve that we will fulfil the expectations with the participation of the entire country through this parliamentary democracy, through collective thinking, agreeing and disagreeing and with great courage,” he added.
Om Birla also said that being the World’s largest Parliamentary Democracy, our responsibility has increased and the Parliament should focus on every issue.
“Being the world’s largest parliamentary democracy, our responsibility has increased and hence it is necessary that our parliament should focus on every issue. It is time to make the right direction, to make laws with positive discussion, so that we can make the country more powerful and our Parliament should have a notable role in it. We are pursuing the goal of building a developed India by 2047. This will be achieved through Parliament,” Om Birla said.

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