MMRDA unveils ambitious development plans


The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) has unveiled an ambitious plan to bolster the socio-economic structure of the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). This initiative includes the development of two critical Growth Centres and three Industrial Growth Centres, with an additional Growth Centre under its Special Planning Authority (SPA) in Kalyan.
The Kharbav Growth Centre, strategically located in Bhiwandi Taluka near Bhiwandi Nizampur City Municipal Corporation, is poised to become an investment hub. It benefits from major infrastructure projects, including the Virar-Alibag Multi-Modal Corridor (MMC), the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (HSR), and the Dedicated Freight corridor.
Similarly, the Kalyan Growth Centre (KGC) is expected to flourish as a hub for commercial and residential complexes, educational institutions, and more. MMRDA is leading as the Special Planning Authority (SPA) for this development.
The Poynad Growth Centre in Alibag Taluka is a significant venture due to its proximity to the nearly completed MTHL and vital projects like the Virar-Alibag MMC and the second international airport.
Promoting tourism and economic growth
This initiative aims to rejuvenate local areas and provide fresh opportunities, particularly in the sectors of tourism, construction, real estate, and logistics. It benefits from its proximity to JNPT and the upcoming second international airport in Mumbai.
The Industrial Growth Centres – Angaon IGC, Sape IGC, and Amba IGC – are expected to be drivers of economic growth in their respective micro-regions. They will enhance employment and connectivity while contributing to industrial development, especially in the manufacturing sector and high-end industries.
The Kalyan Growth Centre, under the SPA and MMRDA’s Sub-Regional Office in Thane, spans approximately 1089 hectares and encompasses ten villages in the Kalyan Taluka. It is set to host major township projects. This collection of growth centres seeks to usher in comprehensive, sustainable, and robust development in the MMR, not only promoting economic growth but also enhancing the quality of life for large communities. The initiative promises a future of polycentric development, dispersed job opportunities, affordable housing, and integrated health and educational infrastructure with abundant green open spaces.
Dr. Sanjay Mukherjee, Metropolitan Commissioner, MMRDA, stated, “The metropolitan region of Mumbai is a robust contributor to the economy of Maharashtra and the entire nation, contributing about 4% to our country’s GDP. MMR is projected to contribute a staggering 0.35 Trillion US Dollars to the Indian economy by 2028. MMRDA’s new initiative propels us toward a future enriched with superior opportunities and infrastructure, all while meticulously weaving growth with environmental consciousness. We are thrilled to initiate our growth centres, anticipating immense benefits for the selected regions, once the government accords its formal approval for the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority as the Special Planning Authority for upcoming growth centres in the region.” “MMRDA remains committed to advancing in tandem with ecological mindfulness, ensuring that each step taken towards developmental progress is in harmonious alignment with environmental sustainability,” he added.