Miranda House organizes conference to overcome NE region’s challenges


Miranda House organised a two-day international conference on “Startups, Sustainability, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship in North East India” on March 28, in honour of the college’s 75th anniversary.  The college is preparing to nurture student-run startups soon.
Minister of State for Earth Sciences Dr Jitendra Singh inaugurated the conference. He spoke at the conference about how the North-eastern Region of India is becoming more connected to the rest of the country and how more students are coming to the mainland.
He went on to say that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had travelled to the North East about 60 times, demonstrating how the area had received the attention it deserved during Amrit Kal and India’s 75th anniversary of independence. He added that under the Modi government, the existence of around 9000 companies and more than 100 unicorns—36 of whom are women—is evidence of the era of gender equality that we have now entered.