Metro construction hits bike repair business in Neb Sarai 


42-year-old Kuldeep has been running his bike repair business for 20 years in the Neb Sarai area, and he has never faced any problems. But in these months, his business has been reduced to half as the metro construction work is going on in the area.
“I have been living here for 20 years, but I never thought in these years that one day I wouldn’t be able to pay the rent for my shop. The construction work has damaged our entire business, and now many shops are getting closed as consumers are unable to reach our shops because DMRC barricades have narrowed the stretch and traffic took people hours to reach here,” he said.
In this southern part of the national capital, a place called Neb Sarai If one travels from the main road to Neb Sarai, it will take 45 minutes to travel just one kilometer. People’s shops are getting closed as the lane is a narrow stretch.
Sanjay Patel, a 24-year-old bakery shop owner in the area, said that the lane has itself become a house of accidents because of the bumpy road, as the barricades are in the middle of the road.
“Let’s not talk about how it has affected my business. Previously, I used to have three workers, and because of the lack of business, I have fired all of them. I don’t know how much time it will take, but I don’t think we will be able to revive our business very soon.” He added