Meet my friend Ganesh


Each day holds an event. Some just pass away with smile, others leave a mark of joy, and some territories pain forever. But there are some special moments that change lives forever. They bring a breeze of hope and love that changes how we live in the materialistic world. Today, I will share one such moment that changed by life forever, lets meet my friend Ganesha. I was six, when one evening the sun was peeking above the horizon, and the winds carried a message of joy. The birds sang the melody of life. My grandma came to me with an idol of clay. She said, “Karan….Karan… Meet your friend Ganesha!” I rushed down the stairs, my feet did not touch the last two stairs I was intrigued to meet my friend. I looked at grandma and burst into laughter. “Grandma, how can Ganesha and I be friends? He is made of clay and he will not be able to talk neither play with me how can we be friends?” These innocent, wisdom less questions make me smile today. Grandma smiled and gave me a Modak. Her smile was hiding treasures that I had yet to discover. The next night, I was gazing at the stars with my grandma. I asked, “Does Ganesha talk to you? Is he your friend, grandma?” She replied, “The one who speaks from the heart and believe in the beauty of love, Ganesh whispers joy in their life.” My brain could not understand what wisdom my grandma passed me. But I realized may be Ganesha can be my friend. I rushed down the stairs of logic which were greased with materialistic wood. I entered the pooja room. Now it was no longer just an idol made of clay. Ganesha’s eyes resembled mirrors of hope, his smile was mesmerizing, and his gracefully curved trunk teach us to mould ourselves with happiness in every situation. The flapping ears which could hear the unsaid and the ivory that could write wisdom. I could not stop myself and rushed to my bag which had a friendship band and I tied the band of love, hope and friendship to my friend Ganesha. This was the threshold of our friendship. The days have passed, and now I am twenty-two. My grandma is no longer with me, but her friend is always by my side. I’ve never spoken to Ganesha, but I’ve felt his presence. Sometimes in life, we need someone to listen to our stories, to know our secrets, to stand with us. I found myself pouring out my dreams and fears, and it was almost as if Ganesha was there, listening, offering comfort and guidance through life’s ups and downs. Now, as I reflect upon my journey, the words of my grandma echo in my ears. I realize that Ganesha is not confined to just the idol of clay; he is everywhere, watching the unseen and listening to the unsaid. With every breath, there is a story of life, and in this story, let’s meet my friend Ganesha.