Mayhem of Marriage in Modern Society

Ever since the homo sapiens have understood the value of being together as a family; the concept of marriage has been rated very highly. This particular bond called marriage has withstood the test of time without any fallacy. No matter how much the subject of love and romance has been promoted by every form of art, it still didn’t get the required acceptance to make it a mass appeal. No matter how much we have tried to infuse the breath of acceptance, it has been on the ventilator of diminishing dignity.

The sanctity and serenity of marriage has undoubtedly been the front-runner
whenever there is a debate on the authenticity of this pious bond. But taking a microscopic view on this pious bond propels us to think on a different tangent that whether the piousness of this bond has remained pious in this modern society, or has it turned poisonous? The increasing rate of divorce may seem the major obstacle in maintaining the godly aspect but it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

If we just lay a bird’s eye view towards our society, a plethora of problems are ready to make this marriage a mayhem. If the domestic violence has been a major cause in the weaker sections of the society; the economic imbalance between both partners in the so-called sophisticated class have made the marriage a mess. And it would be useless to describe the plight caused by the devil of divorce which has laid the marriage into an infinite loop of stagnating cobweb. How much it seems funny that we call ourselves a modern society by putting a lid on getting married at a comparatively young age, but we hardly care about the compatibility between the two partners before putting them into the furnace of marriage? Yep! Some may argue that getting married in your late twenties may decrease such mishaps but how can we let people commit to a lifelong commitment on the pretext of ‘may and should’.

And if all these are not enough; we are not ready to come out from the hangover of finding our soulmate even after getting married? Even though we have surpassed the age of being a teenager but our brewing romance in the hope of finding either a soulmate or being adventurous clearly put us in the clan of cheaters. And it would be a no-brainer that any cheater who cheats either out of compulsion or craving of copulation does not have the right to be in such a pious bond.

As we need to understand that marriage is something which requires extreme mature thought-process which could make it a memorable experience rather than being a mayhem.


Nitish Raj is Editor in chief of The Literary Mirror.

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