Maximum number of crimes against women reported in Gurugram, Faridabad: SCW data


Gurugram and Faridabad, both districts of Haryana that fall under the National Capital Region (NCR) are among the state’s most developed districts. Gurugram, also dubbed Millenium City, is a hub for IT companies. However, the two districts also record the maximum incidents of crime against women, according to data from the State Commission for Women. The Commission revealed that of the total cases that surfaced during a period of 16 months between January 2022 and April 2023, over 20% were reported in these two districts. Increasing crime against women, the report stated, requires the state government to come up with additional efforts in a bid to tighten the noose around perpetrators.
In the same vein, newly-appointed DGP Shatrujeet Kapur had, upon his appointment, made it clear that women’s safety would be a top priority and that he would work to ensure it at all costs. According to data from the Commission, Faridabad has been leading the districts with the reported number of incidents of rape, molestation, domestic violence and other kinds of crime against women.
In about a year and a half, a total of 2,819 complaints in 21 categories were received by the Commission. A total of 335 of these cases were reported in Faridabad, which constitutes around 12% of the total cases. Gurugram follows Faridabad at a close second in terms of gender-based violence. Data received from the commission revealed that out of the total cases, 292 cases of crimes against women were reported here. Of these, 134 cases—the largest number across the state—of physical and mental harassment were reported, as well as 62 cases of domestic violence. A total of 48 cases of dowry harassment were also reported.