Massive Mizoram protests demand justice for Manipur’s Zo people


In an impressive display of solidarity, thousands of Mizos flooded the streets of Mizoram on Tuesday in a peaceful demonstration against the ongoing ethnic violence in neighbouring Manipur, where the Zo people have been severely affected. This large-scale mobilisation, bringing the capital city Aizawl to a standstill for over three hours, was the largest in recent memory and involved the participation of key state figures, including Chief Minister Zoramthanga and Deputy CM Tawnluia.
The NGO Coordination Committee, comprising five major civil society organisations such as the Central Young Mizo Association and Mizo Zirlai Pawl, organised rallies across the state. Prominent political figures, common citizens, and protesters decrying the violence in Manipur joined the massive rally in Aizawl. Government offices across the party spectrum closed their doors in support of the solidarity rallies, illustrating the shared concern for the conflict in Manipur.
R Lalngheta, chairman of the NGO Coordination Committee, called on the Indian government to end the violence and address the sufferings of the Zo people in Manipur. Resolutions were adopted urging the central government to compensate victims and ensure severe penalties for those involved in the disgraceful public humiliation of two women.
The Mizos of Mizoram share ethnic ties with the Kukis of Manipur and are collectively known as the Zos. Chief Minister Zoramthanga stated his government’s commitment to pressuring the Centre and Manipur’s government to restore peace. He also promised to aid Kuki refugees from Manipur, despite the lack of federal assistance thus far.
Meanwhile, tensions continue to rise in Manipur with the suspension of a Border Security Force soldier for molesting a woman, further fueling public unrest. Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma criticised the opposition alliance, I.N.D.I.A., for its perceived bias toward the situation in Manipur.
Further complicating the situation, the Manipur government reported an influx of 718 Myanmar nationals, including 301 children, into the state last week. Chief Secretary Vineet Joshi questioned how these individuals were permitted to enter India without proper documents and urged immediate deportation. The incident is seen as a serious matter with potential international implications given the region’s volatile state.
In the face of rising tensions and complex challenges, Manipur police have been working diligently to prevent the spread of fake news designed to incite further violence. Efforts are underway to trace the origin of a video falsely attributed to the region but actually recorded in Myanmar. The authorities are firmly committed to maintaining law and order and preventing any misinformation from exacerbating the ongoing crisis.