Mass grave inside Israel-encircled Gaza hospital, no plan to rescue babies


In Gaza’s largest hospital, Al Shifa, Palestinians trapped by Israeli encirclement are reportedly digging a mass grave to bury patients who died amid the siege. The hospital is surrounded by Israeli forces, who claim it sits above a Hamas militant headquarters. Hamas denies this, stating that patients and displaced civilians are trapped inside, facing constant sniper and drone fire. The hospital lacks the means to evacuate around 100 decomposing bodies, and no arrangements have been made for the evacuation of 36 babies from the neo-natal ward, despite Israel offering portable incubators. The situation has raised international concerns, including from the United States. Hamas has said 40 patients have died in recent days, including three premature babies whose incubators were shut down when power went out. Five weeks after Israel swore to destroy Hamas in retaliation for a cross-border assault by militants, the fate of the encircled hospital has become a focus of international alarm, including from Israel’s closest ally, the United States.