Maratha quota row: Manoj Jarange receives copy of GR from Maharashtra government delegation


Manoj Jarange Patil, an activist, received the Government resolution (GR) on the ongoing Maratha quota dispute on Saturday from the Maharashtra government delegation, which also included Ministers Sandipan Bhumre and Atul Save.

The activist Maratha consented to end his demonstration and offered the state two months to fulfill its pledge to set aside land for the Maratha people. The activist declared that unless the Maratha community was guaranteed a reservation in the state, he would not be content.

“I am very happy that Shinde Committee will now work across the state to provide reservations to the Maratha community. Because we started the movement and after that when the first report of Shinde Committee came, it was related to Marathwada only. However, now this committee is going to examine the Kunbi records across the state. That is why our strength will be doubled across the state” Manoj Jarange Patil said in a statement.

In Maharashtra, the process of issuing Kunbi certificates has already started. The OBC category allows reservations for the Kunbi community. On Friday, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde of Maharashtra stated that the state government’s intentions regarding the Maratha reservation issue are clear and that justice will be served to the Maratha community.

Speaking to ANI, Eknath Shinde said, “The intentions of the government are clear that the Maratha community should get justice. When Devendra Fadnavis was the CM, the reservation was given and confirmed in the High Court but unfortunately, it was rejected in the Supreme Court. The backward commission is working on the anomalies which were observed in their observations.”

Requesting support from other parties on this issue, CM Shinde said, “When we distribute certificates to the Kunbi community, other parties should support us. This issue should not be politicised. There will be many other opportunities to politicise various other issues. We have taken this matter very seriously.”

Following quota activist Manoj Jarange’s indefinite hunger strike that began on October 25, the Maratha community’s agitation gained force. Jarange’s fast was broken, though, after Chief Minister Eknath Shinde promised a resolution. A number of violent incidents involving the Maratha reservation issue had occurred in recent days.