Man arrested for drunken threat to blow up Colaba 5-star hotel


A 36-year-old laborer, Dharampal Singh, was apprehended a day after he inebriatedly called the police and fire brigade, making a menacing threat to detonate a renowned five-star hotel in Colaba. Singh was taken into custody in Kalachowkie, mere hours after the ominous call was placed, as per police reports.
Following the call, the police conducted a thorough investigation and searched the hotel but found no evidence of any actual threat, deeming it a hoax call. Singh, facing charges of criminal intimidation, was subsequently remanded to judicial custody by the court. In a strikingly similar incident that transpired on the previous Friday, authorities at the Bandra Kurla Complex police station booked a 30-year-old chauffeur named Binesh Yadav for making a bomb hoax call pertaining to the MMRDA building. Allegedly, Yadav had informed an employee about a bomb planted in a car within the MMRDA’s parking area and insisted on an immediate evacuation of the building. The police asserted that Yadav had disseminated the rumor of a bomb threat in pursuit of “quick fame.”