Make an impact with a career in jewellery design


Many emotions motivate the art of designing jewellery, including the desire for perfection, the need for recognition, the need to please or display dedication. The need to express reverence, loyalty or remembrance has driven jewellery designers to dream since the beginning of time. For example, artisans designing jewellery have produced representations of spirituality and religion to represent faith. They also crafted jewellery symbolising marriage and lifetime engagement, as well as symbolic jewellery reflecting loyalty to family or organisations. Creations were made in memory, memorialising fallen loved ones, and of course bringing out the pure beauty of a gem. So, it is reasonable that any conversation about jewellery design should begin with an inspiration. Previously, jewellery designing was restricted to only a few skilled people. Being a highly skilled profession, it was passed through generations as family traditions and no other person outside the family could learn or practice it. So, the skill lied only in a few hands making it a profitable family business.

 However, breaking away from stereotypes, jewellery designing has grown into a field that can land you in promising careers. Jewellery designing is thriving as a professional trade, compared to yesteryears. The career path is highly rewarding, particularly for individuals with great creative minds. Jewellery was historically known as a sign of prestige and a source of financial security. Today, however, it has become a fashion statement that gives it a wider scope and opportunities for growth. Training from a reputable institute plays a significant role in career building for a student of jewellery design. Clubbed with abstract knowledge, realistic experience adds to a student’s advantage.

 Courses available 

Apart from the skills discussed above there are few courses which can be pursued to make a career in jewellery design. Some courses like Post Graduate Diploma in Jewellery Management, Diploma in Jewellery Designing & Management, Certificate in Gemmology, Micro Pave Setting, Master Model Making, Certificate in Embossing and Manual Design, Jewellery Design Foundation Course, Industry Oriented Design, Computer-Aided Design/ Rhino, Styles of Jewellery, Jewellery Technology Diploma- Basic, Jewellery Technology Diploma- Advance, Jewellery Technology Diploma, Diamonds and Diamond Grading, Coloured Gemstone Identification and Diploma in Gemmology enable students to opt for jewellery designing as a full-fledged career. 

Career opportunities

 Fashion jewellery designer: Designing jewellery has always fascinated the design community. Ensembles today are crafted with different jewellery styles in mind. Most fashion and jewellery designers work closely together to make exquisite ornamental objects. There is enormous room for working as a fashion jewellery designer. Jewellery designing for shows, parties and red-carpet events is something a jewellery designer should look forward to doing in such a setting.

 Entrepreneur: Pursuing a jewellery designing course can also lead you to work as an independent designer. A course in jewellery design equips you with the knowledge and skill you need to become a successful entrepreneur. The practical and theoretical knowledge imparted at professional institutions in running a jewellery business, can develop entrepreneurship skills. This creates a great stepping stone for your career. Accessory designer for movies: Movies, especially period movies, need jewellery accessories for actors that are clearly researched and designed flawlessly for best impact. This shows the relevance of jewellery in representing history. For so many films being released every year (historical and other), jewellery designers have plenty on their plate. Accessory designing plays a critical role in successfully raising a film’s appeal and authenticity while designing jewellery like finger rings, anklets and waistbands. 

Manufacturer: With the right course in jewellery designing, it becomes easier to either run a small unit or a mass production house. This can help market their own line of branded jewellery. It is a great option for people who already come from a background of jewellery designing. 

Gemologist: In order to become a gemologist, a student must receive education in jewellery design. To be a gemologist, you need to know about the various types of gems, metals and precious stones. Through a gemmology course, you can specialise in the subject. It can also be a module in a jewellery design course as it is related to it like a sub-domain. With so many career options in jewellery designing, all you need to do is make the choice of the career you want to pursue. Let your career in jewellery design shine bright! 

The author is an ace jewellery designer and founder of Uncut by Aditi Amin.