Madurai vs Trichy: TN politicians slug it out over second capital


Tamil Nadu politicians have rekindled an age-old discussion for having a second capital for the state. State’s revenue minister R.B. Udayakumar and cooperation minister Sellur Raju have once again floated the idea of announcing Madurai as the second capital and pushing for it when the state stands to face the elections in early 2020.

 Both ministers who hail from Madurai and head the respective district party units want to pass a resolution to announce Madurai as the second capital and Sellur Raju also has seconded the view, even though it has been pitched by his competitor in the party.

Joining the second capital bandwagon, Minister Vallamandi Natarajan and Trichy Congress MP Thirunavukarasu have appealed that Trichy should be announced as the second capital as it was touted for years.

Natarajan on Wednesday quoted that it was Late MGR’s brainchild to make Trichy as the state capital as it lies in the heart of the state and if there is proposal Trichy should be made the second capital.

MP Thirunavukarasu has demanded that the new secretariat should be built in Trichy as the administrative works will be easily accessible by the citizens.

Madurai is considered as the cultural capital of the state for its linkage with language, art and cuisine. The city also has an International airport, a branch of Madurai High Court and an upcoming AIIMS in Thoppur.

 Udayakumar argues, announcing Madurai as the second capital will help in improving education, health and it will further create investment opportunities for the southern state.

With Politicians going loud with the demand to announce Madurai/ Trichy as the second capital, sources in the secretariat corridors say, there is no proposal with the government for the second capital as such.