Lucknow: 2 died in Ekana Stadium Unipole accident

CM Yogi became strict about the death of mother and daughter in the accident. He expressed displeasure over the attitude of the officers responsible for the accident. Officers may be in problem due to their negligence today.

CM Yogi can give strict instructions regarding dilapidated uni-pole and illegal hoardings today. Instructions can be given to take action by running a statewide campaign.

On June 3, Lucknow Commissioner Roshan Jacob expressed apprehension on the current situation of accident because of dilapidated uni-pole and illegal hoardings due to strong storm.

Earlier he wrote letter to Lucknow Municipal Corporation and Development Authority. The accident happened yesterday due to the falling of dilapidated Unipole of Ekana Stadium. Scorpio rider mother-daughter died due to being buried under Unipole. Life was saved by barely rescuing the injured driver.

Information related to Ekana Stadium Unipole – The weight is said to be more than 200 quintals. The nut bolt of the platform on which the unipole was erected had rusted. Not only this, there are more than 7 huge unipoles standing in the stadium premises for advertisement, which are full of propaganda.

What are the rules of Unipole / Hoardings –

Hoardings can be installed up to 40 feet in residential areas. An affidavit of taking responsibility for any damage caused by the hoarding on Rs 10 stamp has to be submitted to the publicity department of the corporation. The structure has to be approved by a certified engineer and its documents have to be submitted to the corporation. The approval of the structure is valid for one year only.

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