Lotus takes the centre stage: Modi sets agenda


The public rally held in Jaipur by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, not only set the agenda but also made it clear that there will be no face. At the end of the speech, Prime Minister Modi emphasized that the lotus symbol and the BJP should be the focus. Put the stamp on the lotus and make the BJP the winner.
Considering the crowd, Prime Minister Modi’s rally can be considered successful. The state BJP left no stone unturned to make the rally a success. Workers from all over the state gathered in large numbers. Prime Minister Modi reached the venue in an open jeep, where he was welcomed with flowers.
On the stage, State President CP Joshi, former Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje, opposition leader Rajendra Rathore, and former state president, along with the state’s MPs, MLAs, and a large number of workers, were present.
It was already decided that the party would focus on women in the election rally, and it successfully happened. Women leaders warmly welcomed the Prime Minister.
It was expected that before Prime Minister Modi, there would be a speech by former CM Raje, but that did not happen. After the state president Joshi’s speech, Prime Minister Modi started speaking directly. Raje was sitting on the stage next to the Prime Minister. In his speech, Prime Minister Modi did not take the name of any leader from the stage. He mentioned the deities and connected himself with the public, and then started by targeting the Gehlot government. Prime Minister Modi discussed the issue of the women’s reservation bill, along with the triple talaq bill to empower women. He accused the opposition of dividing attention on the women’s bill. Along with this, he launched an attack on the I.N.D.I.A Alliance over the issue of Hinduism.
The Prime Minister sent a message to the youth in the paper leak case and assured them that strict action would be taken against the cheating mafia as soon as they came to power.
He also mentioned the Lal Diary and raised the issue of corruption in the Gehlot government. Prime Minister Modi included every class in his electoral agenda. However, Women, youth, and farmers remained his main focus. In the case of women, Prime Minister Modi emphasized women’s reservations and focused on their safety.