Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp.

LONDON: Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp on Friday penned a special message for all the frontline workers, calling them the “real heroes” for helping “countless people” by working relentlessly and tirelessly during the COVID-19 pandemic-hit year.

The manager paid his tributes to the frontline workers in a lengthy message, shared by the club’s official website, on the occasion of Christmas. “As I am sure you know by now, each year I like to write a message to Liverpool fans around the world to wish them a very happy and peaceful Christmas, however they are choosing to celebrate it… These are extraordinary times we are living in and every single one of us has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic. It has changed all aspects of our lives, both personally and professionally,” Klopp said.

“Who would have thought one year ago that our year would turn out this way, that we’d be in ‘lockdowns’, that we wouldn’t be able to travel or, most importantly of all, see loved ones? So, what it has really taught me is how precious life is; how quickly things can be taken away, so to appreciate all that you can. But also what it has taught me is what good people can do when they come together and support each other. I would like to pay tribute with all my heart to the frontline workers around the world, the doctors, nurses, hospital staff, the emergency services, for all you have done in the last nine months,” he added.

Klopp also admitted that he is short of words to describe how much he “respect and admire all you are doing for people in these times.” “On behalf of me and my team and my club, thank you. You are real heroes for us all. I will be thinking of you today,” the message read.

“To those who have worked to keep countries going, to keep shops stocked and serving customers, the drivers who have kept public transport going, you are amazing and your selfless work has helped countless people, including myself. I appreciate it,” the manager added.