Lilaur Lake getS poisonous, migrant bird numbers fall


Known to be the site of the conversation between Yaksha and Yudhishthir in the Mahabharata, the water of Lilaur Lake in Bareilley’s Aonla tehsil is getting poisonous for migrant birds.
It has been observed that for the last so many years, the migrant birds have largely stopped coming to Lilaur Lake. When research was conducted by the Zoology department of Bareilly College regarding the fall in the arrival of migrant birds, several disturbing revelations came to light. The presence of heavy metals in the lake water was found to be the main reason behind the fall in the number of migratory birds. As per experts, the presence of heavy metals above the prescribed limit in water is hazardous to the flora and fauna of a particular area. Migrant birds are also coming here in fewer numbers because of a lack of facilities for hatching and food. The historic lake also faces an existential crisis due to a lack of water.
Professor of Zoology Rajendra Singh conducted a study on five other lakes in the state and found that the presence of lead, cobalt,
mercury, manganese, molybdenum, and cadmium
is killing birds.