Legend’s Tennis League kick-starts with an opening ceremony

Legend’s Tennis League kick-starts with an opening ceremony

Legends Tennis League commences in New Delhi with an opening ceremony which was organised yesterday on 23 September 2022. The heavy rains did not stop the organisers and participating players of Legends Tennis League (LTL) to go ahead with the opening ceremony at RK Khanna Tennis Stadium. The league is being organised for Indian senior players who play on the ITF Masters Tour. More than 50 Masters players are playing in the league including those who have represented India in Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup competitions.
Former Davis Cupper and tennis coach Vivek Shokeen looked excited and exclaimed, “I think it’s a brilliant idea, we hope that it grows with more positive outcomes in the coming seasons. As it is happening for the very first time, that players of different age groups will get an opportunity to play, this would encourage them to participate. Moreover, they will be able to compete against different players and will simultaneously get chance to play doubles and mixed doubles. In tennis it’s a kind of unusual to see these kind of team events, so it’s a good start altogether and it will promote tennis in India definitely.”
Meanwhile, during the ceremony Delhi Lawn Tennis Association (DLTA) Administrator Colonel Ranbir Chauhan was the guest of honour for the opening ceremony. He was accompanied by LTL organisers Dilip Mohanty and Aditya Khanna.
“When Aditya (Khanna) told me about the idea behind organising Legends Tennis League, I immediately said yes. I am so proud of my team for staging this event. I thank all the players who are committed to playing this weekend. I am sure we are about to create beautiful moments on and off the court.” confessed Dilip Mohanty, the organiser LTL.
DLTA Administrator and the guest of honour Col Ranbir Chauhan appreciated the organisers “We must acknowledge the efforts of the organisers of the league. What a fantastic idea, a league for senior tennis players is ground breaking and it is our privilege hosting all the players.” he proclaimed.
The debut season of LTL consists of six teams: Akross Acers, Aviraj Warriors, Bangalore Challengers, Punjab Aces, Rebound Ace Stag Babolat Yoddhas and Tennis Titans.
The league features more than 50 players from age 30 to age 70. Former Davis Cup and Billie Jean King Cup players like Ranjeet Virali-Murugesan, Vivek Shokeen, Vijayant Malik and Radhika Tulpule-Kanitkar are among the players who are participating in this league. The players are divided into nine categories – Men’s Star Player, Men’s 35+, Men’s 40+, Men’s 45+ Stars, Men’s 45+ Kings, Men’s 55+, Men’s 60+, Men’s Wild Card and Women’s 35+.