Landslides ravage Jakhan village, no fatalities reported


Landslides wreaked havoc in Jakhan village, situated 50 km from Dehradun, leading to the collapse of 15 houses and complete destruction of seven cowsheds, according to official statements released on Wednesday. Fortunately, despite the extensive damage, no loss of life was reported from this incident.
Jakhan, part of the Madrasu gram panchayat on Langha Road, is a small settlement with roughly 15 families, totaling around 50 residents. Immediately after the calamity, top-tier officials from both the local police and administration, including the Senior Superintendent of Police, made their way to the affected area. In swift response, all displaced inhabitants were relocated to a government school in nearby Pachta village.
The State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) mobilised their personnel for rescue operations in the village, which were ongoing at the time of this report. Given the circumstances and to ensure safety, movement restrictions have been imposed on locals in the region.
A separate, but concerning incident occurred near Joshimath in Chamoli district, where a house collapse resulted in the tragic death of one individual. The house, located in Helang village on the Badrinath highway, crumbled late Tuesday evening. Initial reports suggest the house was perilously built close to a crusher unit along the Alaknanda River. Out of seven labourers present during the collapse, the SDRF was able to rescue three, though one individual tragically lost their life.
The SDRF’s efforts were not confined to rescue alone. On Thursday, SDRF Commandant Manikant Mishra oversaw the rescue and relief processes in the landslide-stricken Jakhan village. Emphasising the organisation’s commitment, Mishra remarked, “SDRF teams are dedicatedly carrying relief and rescue operations in Jakhan village since yesterday. The affected people are being helped in every way.”
In light of the recent landslides, villagers and displaced families from Jakhan are now taking refuge in a school in Pachta village, with their essential belongings also shifted to this temporary relief camp.