Khandelwal’s Facebook post speaks volumes amid political turmoil


With the excitement with which former mayor Jyoti Khandelwal entered the Bharatiya Janata Party, speculations were being made that the BJP would make her contest the assembly elections. But, Jyoti’s displeasure is clearly visible after not getting the ticket. Even though Jyoti Khandelwal is not able to express her feelings by speaking out in public, she has expressed her pain through social media.
Jyoti posted a picture on her Facebook page four days ago and wrote ‘Nishabd’ (meaning speechless) along with her photo.
After this, there has been a discussion in the political circles that after not getting attention from the BJP, Jyoti now wants to join Congress again.
Campaigning in support of the BJP has not started yet
Jyoti Khandelwal was seeking a Congress ticket from the Kishanpole Assembly. But, when she was not given the ticket, she joined the BJP in anger. After this, when Chandramohan Batwada was given the ticket from Kishanpole, his hopes of getting the ticket were completely dashed. In such a situation, she separated from Congress, and the BJP did not pay any attention to her. Probably the situation is such that it has become difficult for her to choose her path.
Workers and supporters advised Jyoti
Here, when social media posts of former mayor Jyoti Khandelwal surfaced, her workers and supporters have given advice and some have also taken a dig at her joining. One social media user wrote, “Deception results in betrayal.” At the same time, a supporter has advised, “Go back to where you were.” A supporter said, “You had contested the Lok Sabha elections on the Congress symbol. Congress workers also worked hard. But, you did not do well with the sentiments of the public. You have committed a huge rebellion.” At the same time, a supporter said that the one who leaves his family and goes out does not get respect anywhere. However, Khandelwal, responding to these speculations said, “Right now, I don’t want to give any answer on these things. Soon, I will answer everything.”