Keralite caregivers foil attack, shield elderly in Israel


Amidst the violent insurgence on October 7 by Hamas militants in Israel, two Keralite women emerged as unsung heroes, protecting the lives of an elderly couple under their care. The duo, Sabitha and Meera Mohanan, found themselves in a harrowing situation when their residence in a kibbutz near the Gaza border became a target during the surprise attack.
In a heartfelt acknowledgement, the Israeli Embassy in India took to social media platform X, branding them as “Indian superwomen.” A video shared on the platform featured Sabitha recounting the terrifying ordeal as bullets rained on their shelter.
On the fateful morning, the caregivers and their charges scrambled into a safety room upon hearing sirens. Soon, a distressing call from the couple’s daughter informed them of the grim situation unfolding in the kibbutz of Nir Oz. Their ordeal escalated when insurgents breached their domicile, attempting to infiltrate the safety room where they sought refuge. Clutching the door handle steadfastly for over four hours, they thwarted the assailants’ efforts to break in, despite the barrage of gunfire.
The elderly lady under their care, an ALS patient, added a layer of anxiety to the already tense scenario. Sabitha and Meera’s valiant stand ended around 1 PM, with the arrival of Israeli Defence Forces, which extricated them from the horrifying scene. The aftermath revealed a plundered household, with personal documents including Meera’s passport stolen.
Sabitha, a three-year resident in Israel, expressed that the ferocity of the October 7 attack was beyond anything they had ever anticipated, despite being accustomed to sporadic missile threats.
The conflict, marking the deadliest of the five Gaza wars, has wreaked havoc on both sides. As per the Gaza Health Ministry, Palestinian casualties include 2,778 fatalities and 9,700 injuries, while Israel reports over 1,400 lives lost, and 199 individuals, including children, abducted by Hamas into Gaza.