Kerala High Court: Asked State Government To Give Suggestions, Including On Legislative Intervention, To Prevent Attacks Against Doctors


The Kerala High Court in the case Kerala Private Hospitals Association v. Advocate Sabu P. Joseph observed and has asked the government to come out with suggestions, wherein it includes the legislative intervention in order to curtail the attacks on medical personnel.
The division bench headed by ustice Devan Ramachandran and Justice Kauser Edappagath in the case observed and has stated whatever be the provocation or the reason that anyone may impel or project as the attack made on medical personnel is unacceptable and is non-negotiable.

Therefore, the court stated that now the Government has to tell us the modus for ensuring such attacks never take place, because what this court is concerned about is not the action after such an attack, but it being for the prevention itself.
It has also been stated by the court that it cannot approve of the attacks on doctors and medical personnel, thus, whatever be the reason.

Further, the court stated that it being the belief of the firm that unless the Civil society is properly sensitized, as also being the doctors, the unfortunate strife at least in a very few cases, we will continue. Thus, the court endeavour is to end and thus the court call upon the Government to come out with firm suggestions including, legislative, if they have any in mind.
Therefore, the pleader appearing for the Government, S. Kannan seeks time to respond to court’s suggestions, and the court also took note that two or three attacks had already occurred while the court was seized of the issue.
Accordingly, the court listed the matter to be next heard on March 30.