KEM hospital commences DNA test after baby swapping allegation


KEM Hospital, a civic body-run institution in Mumbai, is taking action in response to a complaint of baby swapping by initiating a parental DNA test to verify the allegation’s accuracy, officials have confirmed.
The Forensic Department is overseeing the DNA test, and the results are expected to be available by Friday. According to the police, Seemadevi Sunil Kumbhar underwent a C-section at the hospital on September 20, and her family was initially informed that she had given birth to a boy. However, the hospital’s nursing staff later indicated that the baby was, in fact, a girl. Subsequently, the family refused to take custody of the newborn, and in response, filed a complaint with the Bhoiwada police station. The concerned family has chosen to remain at the hospital until the final DNA report is provided. The hospital, up to this point, has maintained a stance of non-disclosure on the matter. Dr. Sangeeta Rawat, the hospital’s dean, was not available for comment. Once the DNA report becomes available, the hospital will decide on its subsequent actions, according to a hospital official. If the DNA test refutes the allegation, the involved parties will be allowed to return home without delay.