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Kejriwal tears copies of farm laws, likens agitating farmers to Bhagat Singh



Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal
Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday tore up copies of the farm bills during a special Assembly session on Thursday, and urged the Centre “not to become worse than Britishers”. He also asked the Centre “what was the hurry to get the farm laws passed during pandemic”.

“I hereby tear (up the) three farm laws in this Assembly and appeal to the centre not to become wors(e) than (the) Britishers. What was the hurry to get farm laws passed in parliament during (the coronavirus) pandemic?” CM Kejriwal asked during a session called to discuss the farmers’ protest.

“Every farmer has become Bhagat Singh… government is saying they are reaching out to farmers and trying to explain benefits of the farm bills… The UP Chief Minister told farmers they will benefit as their land won’t be taken away. Is that a benefit?” the CM said.

Hours later the BJP hit back, with ANI quoted party MP Meenakshi Lekhi as saying: “Centre’s farm laws were notified in Delhi Gazette on November 23. Now, they’re tearing copies of same act in Delhi Assembly. This is opportunistic politics… The Delhi Chief Minister is the new chameleon… he can change colours without qualms.”

Supporting the famers’ protest and demanding the repeal of the laws, Kejriwal said, “We refuse to accept these laws as they are against the farmers. More than 20 farmers have lost their lives in 22 day of the protest. I want to ask the Union government that how many more lives you want.”

AAP MLA and former minister Somnath Bharti and another MLA Mohinder also registered their protest against the laws by tearing their copies.

Supporting the farmers, Delhi government minister Kailash Gehlot said, “The Delhi government and this assembly fully supports the farmers’ protest. All the demands of the farmers are justified and they should get the full value of their crops. As soon as the Chief Minister got the information that the farmers are reaching Delhi, he directed the senior officials to visit the areas where they are protesting and provide them adequate facilities.” “The Central government had sought permission to convert stadiums of Delhi into jails so that farmers can be arrested there but the Delhi government refused. The farmers are asking minimum support price (MSP) for their crops. They are protesting from so many days but their demands are not being heard.”

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What Does Scrum Master Training Include?



Scrum skills have become quite essential among numerous companies. However, learning about Scrum and preparing for the relevant certification can be challenging if you don’t follow a strategic route. You’ll be surprised that thousands of aspirants prepare for the Scrum Master certification every year. Unfortunately, many of them fail the exam on the first attempt. Some go for successive attempts, and others quickly give up on the exam.

So, who are the people who pass the Scrum Master exam and develop the right skills? What extra do they do to become Scrum-certified? Yes, you’ve guessed it correctly! They enroll in reputed courses to prepare for the Scrum Master certification. It helps them build the right skills and learn the ethical concepts to crack the certificate without any hassles. Indeed, Scrum Master training can help you change the game without difficulties.

Are you planning to take a Scrum Master course? Let’s understand the syllabus of these lessons right below! You should know what comes with the package before choosing a Scrum Master training session.

Skills you’ll develop.

First things first! Scrum Master courses help you work on a specific skill set required to crack the certification exam and get a high-paying job with a reputed company. The top skills you will develop by enrolling in these sessions are mentioned below.

  • Learning to build Scrum knowledge

To be a successful Scrum Master, learn the fundamental principles and values of Scrum. Scrum is built upon three pillars: adaptation, transparency, and inspection. Respect, bravery, openness, dedication, and focus are the other five values that comprise the framework.

  • Execution of Scrum

The framework skill of Scrum Masters is required. A certification demonstrates your comprehension of Scrum and ability to use it in practical situations.

Depending on your work and level of knowledge, select a certification path. The basic certification covers the basics of the Scrum framework. To demonstrate their capacity to apply knowledge to more complicated projects and companies, a seasoned Scrum Master could desire to pursue advanced certification.

  • Collaboration

The duties of Scrum Masters extend outside of their respective development teams. Scrum Masters work with stakeholders and other development teams to remove obstacles for their teams. Although this engagement, according to some Scrum experts, is outside the traditional scope of the Scrum Master role, it is still vital work, and you are the best person to carry it out. As a Scrum Master, you can collaborate with different teams, work out timetables, and conduct technical meetings using your leadership abilities.

  • Organization

While a Scrum Master should be a well-organized person, the position calls for more than these traits. Scrum teams need organization and forethought. Therefore, the Scrum Master must create a process and keep everyone on task.

  • Project management tools expertise

Advanced knowledge of task boards for project management, as well as collaboration and documentation technologies, such as calendars, should be acquired by scrum masters.

The task board is the central management, organization, and tracking tool used by Scrum teams. Teams should be able to see from the task board where the sprint and the project stand.

  • Agile and software development knowledge

Fundamentally, Scrum aids in the adaptive product creation of software development teams. Scrum Masters may assist teams in advancing with the right tools and approaches by having a technical understanding of how to develop software in an Agile setting.

  • Risk management

The Scrum Master should be educated with standard risk management procedures. This ability aids the product owner and stakeholders choose the best action to minimize or reduce the risk.

What else can you expect?

Apart from helping you build the above skills through a comprehensive curriculum, these courses offer more features to the learners. Let’s get a glimpse of these elements in the upcoming section!

  • Live Projects

Scrum knowledge is worthless if you don’t know how to implement the principles in real-life projects. Do you know? The Scrum Master certification exam tests your practical skills more than your theoretical understanding. So, knowing where to put the Scrum principles in industrial projects is essential.

The reputed Scrum Master courses help you work on numerous live projects and gain immense hands-on experience. These projects are crucial in understanding the concepts to the core and remembering them for a prolonged period.

  • Case Studies

The best way to relate Scrum principles with real-life scenarios is to study the case studies. It gives you a practical perspective of the Scrum principles. You can better suggest the use of Scrum during realistic problems. So, the Scrum Master courses provide a detailed discussion of case studies.

  • Includes exam fees

Finding and registering with a Scrum Master online course is challenging for most test-takers. However, it becomes a Herculean task to enroll in the Scrum Master exam and pay the fees. That’s why the reputed Scrum Master training sessions include exam fees. So, you don’t have to pay additional money when scheduling the Scrum Master exam.

  • Simulation Test Papers

Everyone knows mugging up Scrum principles and working on industrial projects aren’t enough to pass the challenging exam. So, what is the extra effort top test-takers make? They generally have rigorous practice in the exam environment.

The best Scrum Master courses offer hands-on practice with multiple inclusive simulation test papers. They make you well-familiar with the actual Scrum Master exam. So, you become more confident before appearing in the Scrum Master certification test.

  • 24*7 Learning Assistance

Another aspect you can expect in any reputed Scrum Master course is 24*7 learning assistance. You can encounter numerous doubts when preparing for the Scrum Master certification exam. So, you can approach the instructors and get them cleared at any point in time with these sessions.

Wrapping Up!

You might have understood that Scrum Master certification requires extensive preparation. Only a well-articulated course can help you know the right concepts, build proper skills, and pass the Scrum Master exam on the first attempt. So, taking a Scrum Master course from a standard website like Simplilearn online learning platform will quickly get everything required to become a certified Scrum Master.

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As India celebrated National Doctors’ Day on Friday, politicians, business leaders and social media users took to Twitter to thank doctors for their immense contribution and serve to the nation. #NationalDoctorsDay took the top trend as wishes poured in on social media. Leading the celebrations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a video on social media and said, “Doctors Day greetings to all hardworking doctors who play a key role in saving lives and making our planet healthier.”

Union minister Nitin Gadkari remembered Bharat Ratna Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was an Indian physician, freedom fighter, educationist and philanthropist. “Deepest gratitude to all the doctors on National Doctors Day. I salute their tireless efforts in keeping us safe during the global pandemic,” he said.

Union minister Dharmendra Pradhan also remembered Bharat Ratna Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy and tweeted, “Remembering Bharat Ratna Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy, one of the pioneers of healthcare sector on National Doctors Day. Today , let us express our gratitude and take a moment to appreciate all our doctors for their round-the-clock efforts for a healthy and fit society.”

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Fearing a layoff? Devise an action plan

Priyanka Sharma



India›s workforce has been at the receiving end of the economic impact of the pandemic. While many of the employees faced salary cuts up to 40-50%, there are a significant number of people who were laid off. One might assume that layoffs were a phase and the time to recover losses that occurred due to Covid-19 is not too far, but the recent layoffs in EdTech giants like BYJU’s and Topper paint a different picture.

In such uncertain times, there are certain strategies that one can adopt to evade a powerful economic blow. Having an action plan might not help in retaining the same job, but it will sure help in sustaining a huge financial blow as well as finding more opportunities.


The trick to retaining a job is to be invincible. Be so good at your job that it prompts the employer to think twice before taking a decision on laying you off. This does not happen in a day. Daily actions translate into a long-term commitment. Show up on time, learn as much as you can, deliver more than expected, come up with new ideas, maintain good relationships with your colleagues as well as your seniors, and you will carve out a space for yourself in your organisation.


Learning is a process that must never end. Skills like creative writing, social media marketing, video editing, graphic designing, machine learning and others are skills that are highly in demand. Even if you are working an 8-hour shift and are not actively looking for a job, these skills will give a boost to your resume, enhance your skill set and set you apart from others.


Social media has made it possible for us to stay connected all the time, not just with our friends and family but also with potential employers. Building a positive relationship with your colleagues, ex-colleagues, seniors and people who are working in other organisations will ensure that you never miss an opportunity. Showcase your work on websites like LinkedIn to ensure that you don’t look for an opportunity, rather it comes to you.


No matter what your current pay scale is, it is always advisable to have multiple sources of revenue. That is only possible when you start investing early. Whether it is your 1st paycheck or your 300th paycheck, make sure to save a portion of your salary. Spend that amount on things that will give you a bigger return and not just dig a hole in your pocket. It is always advisable to have an emergency fund. As the term suggests, this emergency fund will help you sail through a difficult time. Even if you are laid off, you will be financially secure.


Finally, it might get difficult to stay unaffected by what is happening around you. The uncertainty can take a toll on you but staying positive can help you not only manifest your dream job but also avoid the stress. Have a positive self-image, eat nutritious meals, dance your heart out, spend time with family and wait for life to surprise you.

Having an action plan might not help in retaining a job but it will help in sustaining a huge financial blow as well as finding more opportunities.

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Despite the promise, ‘The Terminal List’ doesn’t really offer anything new to the world of action thrillers.

Murtaza Ali Khan



Over the last decade or so, Chris Pratt seems to have overtaken everybody else to become a leading blockbuster action hero in Hollywood. He brings with him just the right mix of charisma and rugged machismo. Not many are aware that there was a time when Pratt failed the auditions for J. J. Abrams’ ‘Star Trek’ and James Cameron’s ‘Avatar.’ But, it all changed for Pratt with ‘Zero Dark Thirty,’ wherein he played one of the soldiers who took part in the eventual assassination mission to take down Osama bin Laden. He followed it up with ‘Guardians of the Galaxy,’ wherein he essays the part of a brash space adventurer named Peter Quill who gets hunted by relentless bounty hunters after he steals an orb coveted by Ronan, the Supreme Accuser of the Kree Empire. Subsequently, he went on to star in films like ‘Jurassic World,’ wherein he undertakes the seemingly impossible task of training raptors, ‘The Magnificent Seven,’ wherein Pratt stars as a member of a band of cowboys who are hired to protect a small town from an evil baron, and ‘The Tomorrow War,’ which stars Pratt in the role of a man recruited to fight an invasion taking place in the future.  

With such hard-hitting action thrillers under his belt, Chris Pratt looks like the ideal choice to play the part of James Reece in the new Amazon Prime Video series ‘The Terminal List,’ which is based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Jack Carr. The series follows Reece after his entire platoon of Navy SEALs is ambushed during a high-stakes covert mission. Reece returns home to his family with conflicting memories of the event and questions about his culpability. However, as new evidence comes to light, Reece discovers dark forces working against him, endangering not only his life, but the lives of those he loves. The series stars Constance Wu, Taylor Kitsch, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Riley Keough, Arlo Mertz, Jai Courtney, JD Pardo, and Patrick Schwarzenegger, among others. Antoine Fuqua, the veteran director of films such as ‘The Equalizer,’ ‘Training Day,’ serves as an executive producer (he also is a director) on the series. The show is written by David DiGilio (‘Strange Angel’), who is also an executive producer on the show alongside Fuqua and Pratt.

To help with authenticity, ‘The Terminal List’ engaged veterans and their families as part of multiple aspects of the series production. For example, half the show’s writing staffers are either veterans themselves or have veterans in their families. ‘The Terminal List’ adds to the list of action thrillers which are already a part of Amazon Prime Video’s catalogue such as ‘Jack Ryan,’ ‘Hanna,’ ‘Reacher,’ and ‘Bosch,’ among others. And, despite the promise, it doesn’t really offer anything new to the world of action thrillers. Yes, there is Chris Pratt and the wonderful supporting cast, Jack Carr’s bestselling novel, and Fuqua’s direction. But, it just doesn’t add up in a way the makers would have hoped and fails to live up to the hype of this big game-changer of an action show that marks Pratt’s highly anticipated return to television.      

A show like ‘The Terminal List’ could have been a trendsetter had it come out a decade back but today there is so much solid action content out there that it’s very difficult to stand out in the crowd. If anyone could have delivered it, it’s the team of Pratt and Fuqua but unfortunately ‘The Terminal List’ falls short by some distance. A much better option with the story on offer and the chosen treatment perhaps would have been a four-episode miniseries or a feature film rather than a full-fledged series. However, the show isn’t without merits. There are loads and loads of action on offer and even though most of it is pretty predictable the action lovers wouldn’t be disappointed. Fans of Chris Pratt too wouldn’t mind seeing him beating the bad guys to pulp. Some of the old action buffs might even be reminded of films of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, notwithstanding the lack of novelty or surprise on offer.      

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Mattewara Textile Park another nail in the coffin: Environmentalists



Environmentalists have opposed the Aam Aadmi Party-led government’s idea of setting up a mega Textile Park near Mattewara forest. Even though the party had objected to the project strongly while campaigning, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann recently defended the idea of an industrial park in the recent Vidhan Sabha session.

The proposed location of the textile park was strongly criticised by Congress leaders Sukhpal Khaira and Pargat Singh, along with the leader of the opposition Partap Singh Bajwa, in the house, who made a strong pitch for relocating it away from the river. Interestingly, it was the Congress-led Captain Amarinder Singh government that had announced the setting up of this industrial park near Mattewara Forest on the bank of River Sutlej about two years back.

Gurpreet Singh Chandbaja, President of Bhai Ghanayia Cancer Roko Seva Society said, «Sutlej is already so severely polluted and toxic that drinking its water is giving cancer and birth defects to children in villages of South Punjab. Governments should stop the flow of toxic effluents of Buddha Dariya, Bhattian Drain, Kala Sanghian drain, and Chitti Bein into the Sutlej first. All industrial areas should be away from river banks.»

Col CM Lakhanpal said, «Our Chief Minister should understand that damaging flood plains stop recharging of groundwater. We do not want concrete jungles on flood plains next to our natural jungles. AAP leaders like Harpal Cheema, Kultar Sandhwan and Manuke have themselves openly said that this will not be allowed and now they are all mum. He requested all social, political, religious, and farm leaders of Punjab to visit Mattewara and raise their voice as this decision will impact future generations of Punjab.»

Jaskirat Singh or Naroa Punjab Manch said, «The notification of the PM Mitra scheme, under which this project is being set up, itself clearly says that its objective is to help India in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. It is so ridiculous that the government is talking about sustainable development goals on one side and choosing a most fragile ecosystem of rivers, flood plains, and forests to damage under that very scheme.»

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An Ideal Industrial Estate will be set up in Ambala to promote Small and Cottage industries. Various technical facilities will also be made available for the entrepreneurs. Apart from this, a place will be earmarked for exhibition of goods made in small and cottage industries etc. in Ideal Industrial Estate so that exhibitions etc. can be organized from time to time.

Similarly, it was discussed in the meeting to make available the facility of a common toolroom as well. Similarly, under the Government’s Padma Scheme, various facilities like loans and other financial assistance will be made available to such entrepreneurs. Divulging aforesaid information, Haryana Home and Health Minister Anil Vij said that setting up of Ideal Industrial Estate in Ambala will give a boost to science based industries. He added that small and cottage industries play an important role in the prosperity of the state. Vij further added that the process to establish Ideal Industrial Estate in Ambala has been started by the administration officers.

It is worth stating that a Common Facility Centre will be set up for the entrepreneurs operating small and cottage industries so that the entrepreneurs do not face any kind of inconvenience in running their enterprises. Besides flat factories will be set up at Ideal Industrial Estate, Ambala to promote small and cottage industries and these will be given on lease to small entrepreneurs. Apart from this, space will also be earmarked for stakeholders like dealers etc. in the Ideal Industrial Estate.

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