Kaspersky’s alarming find: ‘Operation Triangulation’ threatens iOS devices


Operation Triangulation, a cyber threat targeting iOS devices, is capable of accessing the physical memory without user interaction and takes complete control over the device, cyber security firm Kaspersky said.
Kaspersky, which has presence in India, made the revelation in a research report released at the Security Analyst Summit (SAS) in Phuket. The advanced persistent threat (APT) campaign targeting iOS devices has been uncovered by Kaspersky’s Global Research and Analysis Team (GReAT).
According to the report, Operation Triangulation employs a sophisticated method of distributing zero-click exploits via iMessage, ultimately taking complete control over the device and its user data. The company experts unveiled ‘’previously undisclosed details of the attack chain that took advantage of five vulnerabilities, four of which were previously unknown’’, the report said. The experts identified an initial entry point through a font processing library vulnerability.