Kashmiri Song ‘Kya Karie Korimol’ Garners Over 10 Million Views On YouTube In Two Days


Kashmir has always possessed a rich and unique cultural history that has been revered in the people’s minds. It is a place where music is ingrained deeply.

The popularity of Kashmiri music has grown significantly over the years and this is relevant to the appreciation received by the wedding song ‘Kya Karie Korimol’ featuring Alif, Noor Mohommad, Aashima Mahajan, and others, which has garnered 10 million views on YouTube in 13 days. The beautiful track released by Coke Studio brings out effectively the emotional bond between a father and his daughter on the wedding day. It shows how a father feels when his daughter is about to leave and he is ready to bid farewell to her.

Mohammad Muneem, a Kashmiri singer, sang the song’s first verse in Kashmiri, which describes the richness of the visitors’ traditional Kashmiri wazwan (Kashmiri food).

Noor Mohammad, a well-known Kashmiri folk singer, is also featured in the song and sings about the visitors’ anticipation of feasting on wazwan. This is followed by the ‘wanvun’ (Kashmiri women folk songs) section, in which a chorus of ladies wearing traditional Kashmiri pherans (gowns) is led by vocalist Aashima Mahajan.

Alif, a well-known poet, singer, and songwriter who previously received the prestigious IRAA Award for his single ‘Like A Sufi’, is also featured in the song.

Alif wrote and composed the song. The song’s immaculate execution was ensured by the production team of Aman Moroney, ALIF, and Ashish Manchanda.

The Wanwun voice by Zartasha Zainab, Shivani Matyal, Samhita Shiledar, Samiyah Nabi, and Rumuz-e-Bekhudi bring depth and richness to the composition, which is further enhanced by Alif’s mesmerising voice and acoustic guitars. The ‘Wanvun’ couplets, which Rumuz Bekhudi and Alif composed, provide a fine touch to the song.

The song is a beautiful representation of Kashmir’s cultural heritage, from its traditional music to its cuisine.