Karnataka HC dismisses ‘reckless’ case against JP Nadda


The High Court of Karnataka has dismissed criminal proceedings against BJP president JP Nadda, related to a pre-election speech he gave in the Vijayapura district. The court termed the registration of the crime as “reckless.”
The complaint had claimed that Nadda threatened voters during a public meeting, suggesting they would forfeit central scheme benefits if they didn’t vote for the BJP. Lodged on May 9, the complaint alleged a violation of the Code of Conduct, prompting a FIR’s registration.
Justice M Nagarpasanna, after hearing both sides, found the allegations “vague” and commented, “The complaint is so vague that it would daunt vagueness itself.”
Highlighting the lack of specific details in the complaint, the HC noted that continuing the proceedings would amount to an “abuse of the process of law.”
Furthermore, the HC cited a Supreme Court judgement, pointing out three applicable principles that questioned the validity of the complaint. Among these principles were the absence of a clear case against the accused based on the presented allegations and the absurdity of the claims.